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Moving can be stressful enough without the added burden of trying to figure out what you should do to prepare for our arrival. Here are some helpful “do’s and don’ts” that apply to moving into your new home.

1. Do not worry about numbering your boxes. We’re the movers, so we will inventory for you.

2. Do label each box with contents. Remember, for international shipments you cannot label boxes as “misc, stuff, etc, contents of…” or any vague term such as “tools and supplies”. Try to remember all the items you packed.

3. Do label Fragile items as such.

4. Do leave boxes open if you have any doubts about the items you are packing. We will take a look and reassure you.

5. Do not pack any contraband items, no fuel, paints, matches, spray cans, cleaners, gas or anything flammable that can damage your furniture or set fire to your boxes. Believe it or not coconuts are included in this category.

6. Do not pack food or pet food, trust us. It wont taste like food by the time it gets to you.

7. Do fold and tape boxes properly. Imagine if the bottom of a box burst open when you pick it up and it just so happens to be the box you packed your best china in… not good. Tape well!

8. Do write your last name and destination on the box when packing for overseas shipping; it’s a precaution to ensure there will be no confusion when entering the new port.

9. Do not seal boxes if you are moving by air freight; the boxes need to be inspected by a member of our crew as a part of FAA regulations.

10. Do by all means pack till your heart is content.. if you do have any questions at all about your move please feel free to contact us. Our job is to make your move stress free.

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